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Leasing is available for all GRID TIE solar customers. Ask us how you can write off 100% of your solar system! Business customers  can LEASE our Solar and LED systems, plus our MOBILE power and LED light systems can be LEASED as well!


LED Lighting Package... Monthly Payments Now Available!

With our Easy Pay System, you buy 9 of our Commercial Grade Repairable 7 watt LED Bulbs (G60 model) and you get one for free!

Payments are $57 a month for just 4 months, making this now more affordable than ever!

Did you know our LED is IP 63 and Repairable? No more throwing out bulbs FIX them! We have tested these bulbs standing up right in rain and snow for 2 years straight... NOT ONE FAILED! Amazing! Perfect for chicken barns... Reduce your cost today!

Save 30% of your power just by changing your lights! Evolve Green Commercial Grade Repairable lights.

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Manitoba Hydro has our LED High Bays and our LED Flood Lights listed on their Commercial Rebate Program!

Our Energy Star LED Bulbs (LED PAR & G style) and our Highbays qualify for the Sask Power's Commercial Rebate Program!

We fully qualify for the Save ON energy program in ONT!

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Grid Tie Solar easy Plug and Play designs! Click Here!

Do you want to have solar on your home or business? We have A No battery, Grid direct solar system that requires very little maintence with 25 year warranty.

Do you have trouble when the grid goes down? Need some battery back up? We can provide an On grid solar system with Battery back up that will provide you with Peace of mind you need when bad weather strikes! You can trust your Outback power solution. Click Here!



Consulting Services & Project Design

We Design for Residential & Commercial. Contact Us for your free consultation and estimate.


Evolve Green... Renewables that work for you!

What Is Renewable Energy?

By definition, renewable energy is clean-producing with few or no hazardous emissions or pollutants, and having minimal impact on fragile ecosystems. In addition to the obvious environmental benefits, green power could also have major economic advantages.

It decreases our dependence on foreign oil imports and the resulting price fluctuations. It reduces the need for costly emissions control. It provides new energy markets which in turn creates new jobs.


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