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Get the Residential Earth Power Loan, with a maximum of $30,000 in financing, available to residential customers.
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Simple steps to change how you use your power can save you more money than you can even imagine. Buy our Evolve Green Commercial Grade Repairable lights and revolutionize the way you live.

We specialize in alternative energy assessments

The most important thing to us is
building sustainable products.
We are a highly creative alternative energy company

Sharing innovative ideas and concepts to help you make informed decisions about any of your LED or Renewable energy requirenemts.

We are cost-effective energy system designers

Working with your budget we can help you understand how you can grow your system to met your energy needs in the future.

We focus on innovation solutions to suit Canadians

We bring safe reliable environmentally sustainable systems to diversified sectors of business such as agriculture, telecommunications, transport, oil and gas, and many other areas of industry that just work!

We plan, design, and build to your needs

As Canadians we have extreme climate conditions, our systems are robust and designed to preform in our challenging environment with cutting edge technology and innovation.

We bring a personal and effective approach to every project we work on.
Who we are?

When you hire a team like us you’re working with people who care.
Lorena Mitchell
President at Evolve Green

As President of Evolve Green Lorena,Is NABCEP trained and leads the business by creating the highest quality standards in design for both grid connected renewable energy systems and remote power systems. She oversees all procurement, and product development and manages the installation group. Delivering innovative solutions for Commercial, Oil and Gas as well as Residential and Government clients.

Celina Baillie
Sales Solutions Director

Celina has a background in sales and marketing and holds degrees in Science and Education. Celina believes solar power to be the answer to cleanly meet Canadian power needs now and in the future.

Robert Ketel
Technical Director

Robert is NABCEP Trained and has been living off grid for the past 7 years and has intimate knowledge solar technology and green building techniques. Not only does he realize the environmental impact solar can make, but he also takes into consideration the financial benefits and constraints that you, the homeowner, are faced with.

Raymond Joubert
Installation Lead

Raymond Joubert  has been with Evolve Green for over 5 years now. He’s a NABCEP trained solar technician installing grid-tie and off grid systems. His deep understanding of off-grid solutions makes him a valued member of the team.

Our solutions and projects

Climate Responsive
Alternative Energy For Canadians

Our mission is to provide sustainable power generation systems that match and measure up to the unique requirements of the Canadian environment. Tough conditions and demanding infrastructure requires thoughtful design. Be it a new build, renovations like changeover from KNOB and Tube wiring, commercial businesses, office buildings, schools, manufacturing facilities, municipal infrastructure and health care facilities or farming, residential & rural homes, and cottages.

Become a Solar Business

On Grid solar can be run as a business? When you sign up to sell power to your utility (like you can in Manitoba) you are a business! This means you can write off your solar system as a capital expense over 5 years. Just one more way your solar works for you!

Take advantage of power

When you lease your solar system you can write off 100% of the lease cost each year on your income tax. Only On grid solar systems qualify.

Go solar for higher returns

In Manitoba there is a net meter program cash payout system. This means you can write of the cost of your solar system, if you claim the income for your small power producing business.

Get on the program

Solar in Manitoba you can get $1 per DC watt rebate, up to $200,000 in rebates depending on your consumption! Email hydro today to find out how much you can save then send this info to us for a quick free estimate.

Manitoba solar program

We supply and install a large range of products Geo Thermal, Solar Thermal, Air source heat pumps, Mobile power on and off grid solar solutions. Battery back up

As a manufacturer, importer and supplier of solar systems and components, solar hot water heating, LED lighting, wind turbines and batteries, we specialize in alternative energy assessments, product recommendations, project consulting, and product integration in the alternative energy industry.
    The rewards are astounding. As energy costs are only climbing, off-setting your power is the best path to protecting your personal wealth. Leasing is available for all GRID TIE solar projects, 100% savings you can write off.
  • We provide solutions for any project in any situation at any location.
    Working with a Canadian company that has over 15 years experience in the field of alternative energy your assurances for quality service can not be any better. We make recommendations that best suit a projects requirements, from extreme weather to challenging landscape conditions. We work with you to generate the best possible results.

Our clients and partners

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Call us +1-866-538-6583 we’re friendly, well-informed and always available to answer any question.
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